Any products that are on back order or special order items may take longer to ship as they have yet to reach our office; We will give our customer a estimated time of arrival to our office for the out of stock product.

If no one is in attendance at a specified address a slip will be left in your mail box and the parcel taken to your nearest post office.
Grip & Lift New Zealand does not take any responsibility if you authorise for your parcel to be left at your house unattended. If you give instructions for your parcel to be left please ensure that it will be in a safe and secure place. We will not instruct PACK & SEND to leave your order unattended if it is valued at over $1000.
We use  PACK & SEND exclusively as they are very reliable.


All orders are restricted to New Zealand; all currency is in New Zealand dollars.
All orders will receive a dispatch email from us containing PACK & SEND tracking numbers. This is sent when your order has been processed.

The tracking number may first appear as invalid. Tracking numbers are generally registered in the  PACK & SENDtracking system at approx. 4pm each weekday. For example if you order is processed on a Sunday, your tracking won’t become valid until approx. 4pm Monday.
The first tracking update “Shipment information received” is when your order physically leaves our warehouse.
Shipment information approved is when our manifest information has been approved by PACK & SEND . The tracking status should then show as In Transit. This means it’s been lodged, processed by PACK & SEND and on its way to your address.
The tracking then wont update again until it is scanned into your local  PACK & SEND mail centre (which could be up to 5 days or more depending on your location in New Zealand).
To track your order please go to
Please note that any spaces before or after your tracking number will make it appear invalid.  PACK & SEND will only update the tracking status as it leaves here and then again when it reached your nearest depot (generally the day it is delivered to you), therefore if the only entry says Christchurch, that means it has left here and is in transit between here and you.
If you have any concerns about your order please email or visit website
If you receive damaged goods or incorrect products, please do not dispose of the items, if possible take a photo and please contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange to replace or swap over items.
In the case of our error or goods damaged in transit, we will cover all transport charges.
If you change your mind about an ordered product then we will expect you to cover the shipping costs in returning the items to us. Please note there is a maximum limit of 1 per month here. If you change your mind and want to return an unopened product, we are happy to accept it (at your cost) if it is within 1 month from when you ordered the product.

Any opened goods will not be refunded, unless there is a problem with product quality.
In these circumstances when we can identify a problem we will give a full refund and pay shipping costs.